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Winstrol is an oral anabolic steroid often taken as part of a cutting cycle and has been used by professional athletes, bodybuilders and powerlifters. Winstrol is just a popular brand name rather than the name of the drug itself. There are many other brands such as stanazol, stanabolic, menabol, strombar, winstrol depot and winstrol-v.

Winstrol has long been used to assist people who are ill and losing muscle mass to regain that muscle mass. When used in otherwise healthy people it still maintains this effect and allows gains in muscle mass. It’s banned for use in professional sports given how powerful it is. The winner of the 1998 men’s 100 metres in the Seoul Olympic Games was a user of Winstrol and it created a lot of debate and anger because arguably the better sprinter (Carl Lewis) lost because he was not using Winstrol.

Winstrol not only assists with fat burning (which is why it is often used in cutting cycles) but promotes muscle growth. However, many professional bodybuilders will argue that Winstrol is a close second to Anavar because Anavar makes your muscles look better and more fuller.

Like Anavar, Winstrol promotes the production of red blood cells which will increase the amount of oxygen in your body. It does this by promoting increased muscle mass which in turn requires your body to take in more oxygen. Winstrol is great for cutting since it does not result in water-retention and makes for a nice lean look which is very important in bodybuilding. It also increases endurance which will allow you to work out longer and will allow you to see more gains at the gym. Winstrol is great for that lean appearance. Everyone has seen overweight unfit powerlifters who couldn’t run across a room without having a heart attack. Don’t be that guy! If you bulk up like a powerlifter you may have muscle mass but no one will be able to see those muscles through all the bulk.