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Testosterone is an anabolic steroid as well as a male sex hormone. Testosterone is often prescribed by doctors when a male patient presents with low testosterone. Patients with low testosterone often have increased body fat, loss of muscle mass, decreased bone mass, low blood cell count, poor memory, fatique, hair loss, low semen volume and decreased libido. In these circumstances a doctor may issue a prescription for testosterone. Men’s testosterone levels also tend to drop as they age and so the older you are the more at risk you are in relation to having low testosterone.

Testosterone is used by professional body builders and athletes to achieve big gains in relation to muscle mass. Even though testosterone is a male sex hormone, women also produce small amounts of testosterone but men typically have 7 – 8 times more testosterone than women naturally.

The main reason bodybuilders and athletes choose to enhance their performance with testosterone is because it helps significantly in gaining muscle mass over a long period of time. Testosterone takes some time to kick in and so gains arn’t usually seen with testosterone alone for a number of weeks (and of course this depends on eating right and working out correctly). This is why testosterone is often mixed with other steroids which take immediate effect like dianabol.

Testosterone is also seen as great for beginners and should be introduced into every bulking or cutting cycle. Testosterone is often used by itself in a beginners cycle often for a period of 15 weeks. Most other steroids suppress the natural production of testosterone and so athletes and bodybuilders find it necessary to use testosterone to avoid issues relating to low testosterone. Nothing will make your time at the gym worse than low testosterone.