Bodybuilder flexing. View from the back.
Anavar or Winstrol?

Anavar is a brand name for a common anabolic steroid. It promotes weight gain and prevents protein catabolism. Doctors will often describe it to assist burn victims or to treat osteoporosis. Doctors also prescribe it to aid people underweight people to gain weight (usually after surgery or due to unexplained weight loss). It can also be used by females. There is evidence anavar also increases your libido.

An important thing to note about Anavar is that while it can be used by both men and women it’s not a “girly” steroid in the sense that it is any less powerful. The difference between Anavar and other steroids like Winstrol is its chemical makeup. It’s more anabolic than androgenic which basically means that women can use it without as much risk of developing masculine features compared to other steroids. There is still a chance this can occur in women with a high enough dosage but it is a reduced chance. Professional body builders and athletes would never accuse someone of being “weak” or a “girl” because they use Anavar in their cycle. There have been a number of cases where professional athletes have been caught doping with anavar. Notably, Anavar does not convert into estrogen either (female sex hormones) so there is no risk there. If you are a man you will not develop feminine features using Anavar!

Anavar is known to work reasonably fast. While it is not near instant like Dianabol, users will start to notice some strength gains within about 2 – 3 weeks (assuming a proper diet and exercise). This is quite fast compared to testosterone which takes some time to really kick in and give you a boost.

When you take Anavar orally your body reacts in the same way as if your testosterone level went up. There will be an increase in energy, strength and muscle mass. You will also notice you will be able to burn fat easier because of an increase in metabolism (which means you can burn fat even when sleeping!). While Anavar can work on its own, you need to have a proper diet with the right amount of protein intake to really see the benefit. Anavar increases your body’s use of protein and so you need to supply your body with protein to take advantage of this. Many people who take Anavar report a bigger appetite requiring more calories to be consumed. Further, Anavar will require your body to take in more oxygen to fuel the rapid muscle growth. This means that you can expect your body to start producing more red blood cells. This will reduce your fatigue.