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Is buying steroids online safe?

Buying steroids online is absolutely safe if you use some common sense and look for a legitimate store from a country like the USA, Canada, Australia or the UK. If you have obtained a prescription for steroids, then finding a safe store is easy because you can stick to well known major online chemist retailers, upload your prescription, and then they will be able to sell you completely legal anabolic steroids in either injectable or oral form. Regardless of whether you have a prescription or not, you need to be careful in choosing a legitimate online store.

How do I find a legitimate steroid store?

These are our tips for finding a reputable steroid source online:

  1. Ensure you can pay for the steroids with a credit card or debit card. If you pay via cryptocurrency like bitcoin or by western union then you can be easily scammed. The store can take your money and run. If you pay with your credit card or debit card then if you are scammed you can do a chargeback through your bank.
  2. Make sure the store you are purchasing from has a contact number and physical address. If a store only has a feedback form for you to contact them and no valid phone number, there is nothing stopping them from running away with your hard-earned money. Further, if you have a problem you cannot be assured there will be someone who will be able to resolve that.
  3. Read the customer reviews. If an online store has no customer reviews it is a sign that they do not have any customers.
  4. If you receive any warning from your web browser that the store does not have a valid SSL certificate, then leave fast. Someone could be trying to steal your credit card details!
  5. Look at the web address in your browser. A legitimate USA store will have the company name next to a picture of a lock (if using Firefox or Chrome). This indicates the domain is registered to a legitimate and verified company which ensures you are dealing with a legitimate seller.
  6. Look to see whether the store is owned by an actual company which is registered in the USA This shows it is a serious business and not a store which can disappear on you.
  7. Check the price of the products. If it is too good to be true it probably is. There is no such thing as cheap steroids. Ensure the prices make sense. For example, hormones cost much more than other steroids. If it’s priced at the same price it is probably a scam.
  8. If the seller cannot offer fast domestic shipping in the USA then be very cautious. It may mean you are getting fake products from Asia which may be unsafe.

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What is the best cutting steroid cycle?

Professional bodybuilder working out at the gym  and getting gains through the use of anabolic steroids which you can buy online.
It’s not all about the gear. You have to put in the work too.

There is a fair bit of debate on the best cutting cycle. Many athletes believe Anavar is the best cutting steroid for beginners although others will say that beginners should start on testosterone and work their way up. Others swear by Winstrol. There are many other steroids which can be used for cutting as well. The best depends on each individual’s goals, gender, how hard they plan to push themselves and their overall fitness level.

Professional body builders right before a contest often use an extremely complex cutting cycle. It usually involves using a a combination of different anabolic steroids including trenbolone, testosterone, Winstrol, growth hormones, clenbuterol, nolvade, masteron propionate and others. However, many other athletes swear by Avanar instead of Winstrol.

Both Anavar and Winstrol will assist body builders in burning fat. Winstrol will also help build muscle whereas Anavar will not. However, Anavar will make muscles look more fuller and will look better. Anavar is often stacked with other steroids as well for this reason, it makes a person look good and lose weight but does not necessarily assist them in building muscle. Anavar is also very female friendly in the sense that it does not contribute to females developing masculine sexual features.

Winstrol has the advantage of improving the amount of testosterone circulating in the body and therefore is often used with testosterone and tends to magnify the potency of other steroids being used. Therefore, some professional body builders will use it in their cutting cycle for this reason, especially as it has the real effect of assisting the building of muscle.

Anavar is the preferred steroid for those with oily skin which is prone to acne since it will not make you breakout. Anavar is also a good option if a person is prone to side effects like acne or baldness when on Winstrol (if you haven’t noticed, heaps of body builders are bald!).

What is the best bulking steroid cycle?

Bodybuilder at FIBO 2013 posing showing off large muscles and ripped physique.
If you want to look like this you need to bulk up first.

When it comes to bulking, the main contenders are dianabol, testosterone, deca durabolin, tenbolone and anadrol. While there is no one best stack, a stack often used is testosterone, dianabol and deca-durabolin. Some people switch out the durabolin for anadrol during their cycle as well.

When a professional athelete starts a bulking cycle they will usually start with testosterone no matter what. Deca-durabolin is the most common second anabolic used because it pairs extremely well with testosterone. Testosterone is often used weeks 1 – 15 whereas deca-durabolin is used from weeks 1 – 13. Many atheletes will cut the deca off early so you are not coming down off testosterone and deca at the same time. You can also do say 12 weeks testosterone and 10 weeks deca. The main takeaway is you do not want to cut off your testosterone and deca in the same week, always cut the deca off two weeks beforehand. Dianabol is also started at the same time as the testosterone and deca. Some body builders will recommend stopping the Dianabol earlier than the testosterone and the deca (some as little as four weeks into the cycle). Dianabol is very popular because it allows body builders to see gains very quickly (assuming they are eating right and working out properly) whereas testosterone and deca will take over a month to really kick in to where gains are seen.

Some more advanced athletes use Anadrol instead of Dianabol. The reason Anadrol is for more advanced body builders is because of how powerful it is. However, Anadrol can be especially dangerous for the inexperienced bodybuilder which is why Dianabol is the most popular contender. Further, Anadrol often causes a person to put on water weight which is why Dianabol is often preferred by most athletes.

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